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Rome wasn’t built in a day. All that magnificent and painstakingly wrought architecture wouldn’t have endured the test of time and wowed generations after generation had it not been for a well mapped out strategy, workmanship and quality. The same holds true even for a construction project. To be able to bring it to fruition, it needs construction project management, has to be meticulously planned and executed from ground up. It needs to progress steadily under the experienced tutelage of people who know their trade and can pull through any challenging situation.

This is what we at CQRA Pvt. Ltd. offer. CQRA Pvt. Ltd. is a top construction management company and a TPQA (Third Party Quality Agency) INDIA. It began its journey as a specialized construction quality organization that offers construction management services. Today we offer comprehensive construction management solutions from project conceptualization to handover. While complexity and tight deadlines can make a project daunting and challenging, it is innovative ideas, craftsmanship and technology that make a project successful.