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Our Technology

Construction Project Management Softwares

CQRA Pvt. Ltd through our wholly owned subsidiary, Durocrete Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has developed some unique software solution to assist in the delivery of services we offer in the market. The software technologies help to maintain integrity of systems and procedures and are designed to improve the productivity and quality of output of the site teams.

The softwares are based on cloud technology with smart phone apps for onsite teams. These give the management team real time access of the onsite construction activities and are designed based on the strong domain expertise that our CQRA Pvt. Ltd. team has acquired over the years.

Along with our knowledge expertise and trained manpower, we offer our software technology as a complimentary service to ensure successful execution as an end to end solution. The range of software solutions offered by CQRA Pvt. Ltd. include:-

Q Assure - Quality Management Software

Q Assure is a modern technology system for onsite management of quality assurance and quality control. Also developed in-house by Durocrete Infotech Pvt. Ltd. this cloud based system is designed to capture onsite real time data with the help of smart phones. Q Assure aligns all quality assurance measures like work procedures, method statements, mock ups, trainings and work authorizations with the actual flow of work. Once the activities are in progress, the quality control function enables our team to capture the data along with photographs which are uploaded on the server instantaneously.
Q Assure automatically generates NCs from the site data based on the preset rules considering the severity and frequency of observation. It also tracks closure of NCs with corrective actions. The technology enables effective resolution of NCs by sharing information on root causes for similar problems across sites. Through this software, the report generation is automated leading to better implementation of QA/QC processes.

Q Control - Supervision Management Software

Q Control helps monitor the quality of supervision of the contractor's staff and client’s engineers. It makes the process of site supervision paper less with all checklists /pour cards uploaded on the cloud. Authorised persons from the contractor's side (makers) download the relevant checklist/pour card on their smart phones and raise inspection requests to the client’s engineers (checker). The checker inspects the work and uploads the filled out checklists along with supporting photographs. If there are pending rectifications, the checklists go back to the maker. The entire transactions between makers and checkers can be monitored online from anywhere on a real time basis. The technology ensures diligent on ground checking with evidence of photograph and brings in accountability to the supervising team.

S Assure - Safety Management Software

S Assure is our well established in-house technology to capture onsite real time safety data and manage it through android smart phones. This software enables our team to capture the data along with photographs to help fill out safety checklists which can be uploaded on the server instantaneously. Through this method, report generation gets automated, leading to better implementation of safety parameters. With S Assure, the entire process of safety management gets digitised.

Benchmark - Indexing Software

Benchmark is our unique proprietary module developed by Durocrete Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Based on the data collected onsite; it calculates a quality score or an index on a 10 point scale for both isolate trades as well as the whole project. Benchmark enables objective assessment of quality and allows comparison between different contractors, buildings and projects. It also helps keep track of the improvement in the quality of a project over a period of time. The technology allows one to calibrate the scale for computing the quality scores of a site with the help of expert opinions and pre-agreed non-conformities documented at the beginning of a project. After calibration the system generates quality scores based on the site data and the pre-agreed documented quality reference points. This software also allows setting of quality goals for continuous improvement.

Work Flo - Project Management Software

Work-Flo is a cutting edge scheduling system based on the principles of lean management. It cuts out the idle time between activities making the work flows at site more reliable. This results in substantial saving of project cost and time. Work Flo is a proactive scheduling system that takes over the planning and scheduling function onsite. This system generates daily alerts for onsite teams regarding activities to be carried out. Work Flo alerts the site teams on:

  • Work front availability
  • Activities requiring immediate attention
  • Activities scheduled for the near future
  • Material / equipment to be procured
  • Drawings to be followed up
  • Contracts to be awarded
  • Pending decisions & action items

A management dashboard provides real time update on completion date and cost to completion of project.

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