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Third party home inspection




Does your project need third-party inspection?

When you want to deliver a high-quality real estate project, failure is never an option. Even though your team is giving its 100% in completing your project, a third-party inspection service can further improve your construction’s speed & quality as well as your brand’s reputation.

Let’s find out how:

Improve your construction’s quality

Third party inspection services offer you a fresh pair of eyes and help you provide the best quality possible even in the smallest details. From electrical wiring to budgeting and from your contractor to project management team, third-party inspection services help you up your ante.

Avoid costly delays

With third-party inspection services, you can identify issues well before the municipal inspection. This way, you can steer clear of costly delays and have better quality control over your project.

Get your quality manual prepared by third-party services

Quality manuals are documents that ensure quality practices in the performance of individuals and departments including reporting, duties, responsibilities and authorities, SOPs and document control.

Review of all technical specifications

Third-party inspection services also offer preparation and review of technical specifications for all trades including civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Other factors include material specifications, methods of executions, field inspections, laboratory tests, the frequency of tests, standards of acceptance for tolerances & finished product and checklists for various trades.


No matter what stage your construction project is in, third-party inspection services can plug into your process for smooth functioning.

Are you looking for a third-party construction consultancy? CQRA is one such organisation that has performed quality inspections for some of India’s most iconic developments. CQRA has carried out the inspection of Godrej BKC, the Sassan power plant, the Hyderabad Metro Rail project and a lot more.

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