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Milestone Project

Elantas Beck "Omkar"

  • Customer name:Elantas Beck
  • Location:Pune
  • Type of project:Office building

Project Omkar the corporate headquarters of Elantas Beck, an international speciality Chemical Group is the perfect encapsulation of modern design and utility. For this project Elantas Beck appointed CQRA as Project Management Consultant. The scope of CQRA services included finalizing the design in line with the client's requirements, appointment of architects and other consultants, selection of the contractor and subsequent execution of the work. CQRA arranged a competition amongst the best architects from Pune to design the structure as per the requirements of clients. Each and every design then was reviewed and rated on 0 to 10 scale by CQRA on all parameters such as structural aspects, aesthetics, constructional feasibility, cost etc. top 3 designs were shortlisted and then design given by CORE Architects was selected by the client from Germany. This award- winning project included features such as form Finished concrete, RCC cavity walls for reducing the heat load and an environment friendly design. The project went on to win several awards like Best Build Structure from Builders Association of India, The Best Structure award from Indian Concrete Institute amongst many others.

Elantas Beck

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