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Work Flo for constructino scheduling




Enjoy a hassle-free construction schedule with Work Flo

There’s nothing quite like an unpleasant delay in construction that causes the schedules to fall apart, thereby, causing postponement in possession. The result? Unhappy customers, uninvited legal issues, a drop in quality of construction, and an overall headache. With CQRA’s Work Flo, however, you can avoid it all with utmost ease.

Here’s how:

Work-Flo is a cutting edge scheduling system based on the principles of lean management. It cuts out the idle time between activities making the work flow at site more reliable. Wastage of time is one of the prime reasons why deadlines aren’t met, and Work Flo aims to eradicate exactly that.

The implementation of this proactive scheduling system results in substantial saving of project cost and time by taking over the planning and scheduling function onsite. This system generates daily alerts for onsite teams regarding activities to be carried out. Here’s a list of the activities this system alerts the site teams on:

  • Work front availability
  • Activities requiring immediate attention
  • Activities scheduled for the near future
  • Material / equipment to be procured
  • Drawings to be followed up
  • Contracts to be awarded
  • Pending decisions & action items

Furthermore, a management dashboard provides real time update on completion date and cost to completion of project.

The importance of scheduling construction cannot be overstated. While complexity and tight deadlines can make a project daunting and challenging, CQRA’s efficient Work Flo technology aids you in making every project successful.

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