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How to avoid unnecessary delays in your construction project

For a builder, finishing construction on time is critical - delays in construction lead to growing expenses, infringement of regulations and customer displeasure.

Some of the major cause of delays in construction projects include:

  • Delays due to shipping of materials
  • Delays in assigning contractors
  • Unfavorable Weather
  • Satisfying client needs

Taking time out to plan can make a difference in the level of success of your projects. Here are 5 effective ways that can help avoid unnecessary delays in construction projects:

1. Improved management methods:
Most projects suffer delays and failure because of incompetent managers. The job of a construction manager is to assign roles within a project and coordinate labor and materials so that work can get done in a timely fashion. A good manager can multitask and efficiently remove all the hindrances that might be delaying the project.

2. Detailed planning:
An exhaustive construction plan includes details that are required to complete the project on time such as a clear timeline, finalized drawings, and prior communication with critical subcontractors. A successful plan also takes into account the possibility of unforeseen circumstances.

3. Sincere participation during designing:
It is indispensable to have an understanding of every stage of the project. However, involvement during the design phase can help fix any possible errors before the project reaches the final stage.

4. Understand client’s needs:
It is important to establish a relationship with the client to efficiently satisfy their requirements. Have a change management plan in place so there will be a system for requesting and approving changes.

5. Schedule contractors in advance:
Determine what contractors you will need ahead of time. It’s hard to get contractors at the last moment, making it essential to plan in advance. Hence to prevent delays, it is essential to plan all the contractors in advance.

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