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HSE Services

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Services

The primary goal of any workplace safety program is to reduce the risks of injury, illness, or death to workers. Additionally, a safe work environment can lead to better mental health, less anxiety and stress for employees.
Millions of people work at thousands of construction sites across the nations on any given day. The injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in many countries.
HSE encompasses a range of practices, policies, and regulations to minimize hazards, prevent accidents and injuries, and promote sustainable practices. HSE is vital for safeguarding the health and safety of individuals, protecting the environment, and maintaining sustainable operations across different sectors.
A good health and safety record is a source of competitive advantage: it builds trust in your reputation and brand, while poor health and safety performance will directly affect profitability and can result in loss of trade or even closure of the business.


  • As one of the premier third-party HSE audit and full-time monitoring service providing agency in India and abroad, we help organizations to ensure continual improvements in terms of construction health and safety.
  • We help organizations to identify, control and reduce their loss exposure at construction sites through identifying any potential safety hazards and suggest necessary steps to mitigate them.
  • We can minimize the hazards through regular safety walkdown, conducting job specific training, audits, site risk specific mock drills and regular inspections.
  • CQRA employs a team of skilled, experienced, and certified professionals who specialize in conducting HSE, ESG Audit and Various Safety Trainings.
  • CQRA can help in maintaining legal documents and ensuring compliances required for construction safety point of view.
  • We meticulously provide rating mechanisms on a scale (from 1 to 10) of pertinent parameters with respect to health and safety.

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