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Move into your new home in peace with Home Inspect

It’s not every day you purchase a home. With a home, comes the peace of everyday life in a safe, secure environment. Moreover, the peace is not just for you, but for your loved ones too. So, why compromise on the satisfaction before you move in?

CQRA’s innovative Home Inspect - Pre-possession Inspection (PPI) enables you to move into your dream home with utmost peace and contentment. Every dwelling unit that your developer plans to hand over to you is thoroughly examined and reviewed so as to ensure full satisfaction.

Among the many salient features of CQRA’s Home Inspect are the fact that the PPI covers over 75 parameters like electrical services, plumbing, waterproofing and so on. The inspection is done thoroughly and meticulously by experts who specialize in construction quality audits.

Experts typically spend about half a day in identifying the aspects of the dwelling units which need to be tended to before the handover. This would help you to communicate to the developer necessary corrections/rectifications needed in the flat. Report will be provided accordingly.

This way, developers acquire a customer who is fully satisfied with the dwelling units, and no post-project complains are issued. Moreover, this saves the hassle of additional costs in the future both from the developer as well as the customer’s side.

So, wait no more! Get individual quality checks done for your home through skilled professionals recommended by CQRA, and move into your new home with guaranteed peace of mind.

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