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Consultancy Services

Benefits – High quality systems and processes build the capability of an organization to successfully execute complex projects and offer a long term strategic advantage.

CQRA Pvt. Ltd. is a construction consulting firm that offers comprehensive construction Consulting Services to large and medium scale organizations at the apex level with systems that percolate down to operating levels. The construction consulting company offers its expertise from quality manual, technical specifications, quality and safety to all functions in the project management domain.

Some typical heads where CQRA Pvt. Ltd. offers services are:

  • Preparation and review of Quality Manual for the organization
  • Quality Manual is a basic document governing the organizational processes to ensure quality practices in the performance of individuals & departments. This includes organizational reporting, duties, responsibilities &authorities, SOPs and document control.

  • Preparation and review of technical specifications for all trades- Civil, Mechanical and Electrical
  • Technical specifications include material specifications, methods of executions, field inspections, laboratory tests, frequency of tests, standards of acceptance for tolerances & finished product and checklists for various trades. In case a client has an existing quality plan, CQRA Pvt. Ltd. reviews the technical specifications and updates the same for identified gaps.

  • Contract documentation and administration
  • In the first stage, CQRA Pvt. Ltd. prepares a blue print for contract strategy in line with the clients business. Based on the contract strategy, we provide or review documentation packages with main contractors and consultants.

The documents include tender pack, SOPs for contract administration, procurement, baseline flowcharts and control points. The purpose of this is to create a document with the best practices that secure the clients interest in binding the contractor to quality, cost and time. The documents are adequately detailed, yet easy to refer, fair to all concerned parties and easy to execute.

In the second stage, we help to integrate the processes by handholding the implementation on the selected project.