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Benefit: Building competence of staff enhances an organizations ability to successfully execute projects

Expertise and knowledge are key elements of a successful project. Our project management training is crafted to equip individuals with relevant skills, improve their performances and enhance the organizations overall capacity for project delivery. The Training Programs include best working practices for execution, dos and don’ts, troubleshooting at site and are conducted by professionals with extensive site experience.

Based on our experience we have carefully catalogued some of the best working practices for various trades in building and infrastructure sector. The Training Programs aim at transferring this competency to enhance the knowledge of construction professionals. These programs are interactive and give ample opportunities to candidates to ask questions and share their experiences.

Post the Training, participants go through an evaluation and are awarded Competency Certificates by CQRA Pvt. Ltd. The certification is in recognition of the participant acquiring the necessary knowledge and competency level taught during the training.