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Quality Assurance / Quality Control Services

Benefits: A robust QA/ QC system driven by technology helps to deliver promised quality effortlessly and reduces the cost of rework by ensuring the first-time-right principle.

CQRA guides the site execution team with their extensive experience and exposure to the best industry practices and enables implementation of quality systems through the use of latest technology. Quality assurance processes include preventive measures for potential defects through, well-drafted work procedures, mockup approvals, site training and other inputs to facilitate achievement of quality. Quality Control services include deployment of trained quality control personnel at site to identify defects well in time to enable root cause analysis and corrective actions. CQRA has a vast pool of specialist consultants from different trades to give technical solutions to site-specific problems.

CQRA experience has shown that a strong quality function does not delay projects but saves time during the end stage ofproject by reducing rework. CQRA by way of its specialised software and mobile applications is able to maintain the integrity of processes for on-site execution.

QA / QC staff directly under construction management team presents a conflict of interest where quality issues are likely to be compromised in favour of immediate milestone targets. Developers can outsource the QA/ QC function to CQRA even when engaging professional project management services, in order to make them accountable for quality.