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Third Party Inspection & Indexing Services.

Benefits - Provides a tool to objectively assess the performance of site teams including the contractor and the project management team. This in turn helps to get the desired output from the site team.

Snap Audits, India is a third party inspection company and an arm of CQRA that conducts inspections at agreed intervals by our expert engineering and auditors team who collate site data in a span of 2 to 3 days. This is done using a special mobile app developed in-house. This app is compatible with any android smart phones. These audits can be customized to specific requirements of a client.

The information collected during the third party inspection servicesis based on observations made at work as well as secondary data based on documentation available onsite. The coverage of snap audits include

  • Quality Audits
  • Safety audits
  • Cost and Material Consumption Audits
  • Audit of management system

The findings are presented as an MIS report which includes major nonconformities and a scorecard on a 10 point scale, customized for every client. These audits are useful for performance appraisal of staff and implementing milestone based bonus & penalty systems for contractors’ basis the quality scores.