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NABCB Appeal Process

Introduction :

In line with the recommendation by the NABCB (National Accreditation Board for certification Bodies) to implement adequate procedures to handle client/s complaints in respect of fee, service and contractual disputes. Members based elsewhere are highly recommended to implement such procedures. This factsheet also considers the obligations upon members after Client's complaints-handling procedure has been exhausted. Process of receiving complaint :
  1. The Complaint shall be in writing, bearing the name, address, phone number, email id and description of complaint in case of the direct customer of CQRA Pvt Ltd for all services covered under ISO 17020 offered by CQRA Pvt Ltd and shall be addressed to chandrashekhar.p@cqra.acts-int.com or can be addressed to registered office address,
    3rd Floor, Gopal House Building, Karishma Chowk, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune - 411038.
    Contact No:- 8237442020"
  2. Complaint can be made by the CQRA Pvt Ltd client and the complainant should make the complaint in writing bearing the name, address, phone number, email id, description of complaint accompanied with copy of registered agreement executed with the builder/promoter/direct customer of CQRA Pvt Ltd and shall be addressed to chandrashekhar.p@cqra.acts-int.com or can be addressed to registered office address as above.
  3. Upon receipt of the complaint
    All the necessary information shall be gathered and verified to validate the complaint or appeal.
  4. Investigating the complaint
    A) Complaint will be acknowledged as soon as it is received at CQRA offices.
    B) Complaint will be entered in a complaint register.
    C) Complaint will be forwarded to COO for scrutiny in the matter.
    D) COO will convey the tentative time schedule to resolve the complaint to complainant.
    E) COO will investigate the matter and give an opportunity of being heard to the concerned parties and decide what actions are to be taken in response to it which shall be provided to the concerned parties in writing.
    F) Actions taken to resolve the complaint will be recorded in complaint register and complaint shall be closed.
    G) Formal notice of the end of the complaint and appeals handling process will be forwarded to the complainant or appellant.

Appeal process :

  1. If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the concerned parties, the issue can be raised before an Arbitrator. The concerned parties can appoint one arbitrator by mutual consent and such arbitrator shall resolve the complaint.
  2. Appeal to be made to awarding body who has their own appeal process (Which may include option for independent arbitration).
  3. Decision taken in this process will be binding on both parties.
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