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Proof Checking of Structural Design / Peer Review

CQRA Pvt Ltd. is associated with structural safety Audit/ Proof Checking / Peer Review, from Concept/Schematic stage till GFC Drawings are released and assured that almost all code and clause are followed as per standard.

Building models are becoming increasingly complex, requiring an ever-increasing level of accuracy and precision. To ensure that these models are safe and reliable, proof checking is an essential part of the process. Peer review is one way to ensure that building models are built to the highest standards and meet all safety requirements. By having peers review each other’s work, mistakes can be identified early on and corrected before construction begins. This helps to improve safety and life expectancy for those who will inhabit or use the building in the future.
By conducting peer reviews, it ensures that any potential issues are identified early on, allowing for quick corrections and improvements to be made before any damage or injury can occur.

Structural Proof Checking / Peer Review

  • Involvement in the project from the conceptual stage through the creation of a suitable plan based on the opinions of the architect and designer as well as on Indian requirements, which accelerates up the construction procedure and ensures that international standards are achieved.
  • At the Schematic stage, we verify that all models (software models) are developed and follow practically all clauses of IS regulations, as well as help the designer to optimise the design if necessary.
  • At the Design Drawing (DD) stage, we ensure that all drawings are prepared in accordance with the software model, and that RCC steel is Shown in accordance with code (Ductile detailing), standard practise, and the dimensions of Structure member and non-Structural member are in accordance with IS standard/Software model, and We also recommend creating drawings that are user-friendly for the site.
  • GFC ensures that all of the above processes are in order and that the final drawings released for implementation are of high quality.
  • In addition, if the client is interested, we will dispatch an engineer to verify all execution complies with GFC Drawing and Indian standards.
  • Overall, changes in planning are reduced after peer review, which indirectly reduces the project's expenses and minimises errors and delay in project and enhance the safety in optimal cost.
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